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Our Youth Specialist Programme places fully qualified youth work professionals into secondary schools on a full-time basis.  The Youth Specialists become embedded within the school community and are well placed to identify at-risk young people.   Students can self-refer or be referred by school staff, parents, police or other agencies.   The Youth Specialists assess each case then enrol the young people on one or more of the following:

  • One-to-one mentoring sessions
  • Group work
  • Support groups
  • Summer outdoor activities
  • Youth Development Board (a team of young people at the heart of Eikon’s decision making)

Eikon currently operates the Youth Specialist Programme at the following locations:

We are extremely grateful to those funders who specifically support these projects and would like to give special thanks to the following:

  • The ExPat Foundation – Supporting the Youth Specialist Programme at Three Rivers Academy
  • The Walton Charity – Supporting the Youth Specialist Programme at Three Rivers Academy
  • The Wisley with Pyrford Parish Partnership – Supporting the Youth Specialist Programme at Bishop David Brown School


“Eikon exists to support young people experiencing challenges in their lives and they have been working in Fullbrook for 16 years.  Eikon is based on the school site and has significant interaction with approximately 20% of our student body each year.  That is a little over 300 students.  We have seen many improvements in students who have been supported by Eikon, and are incredibly fortunate to have Eikon based in our school.  We value our partnership with them immensely”.  Anne Turner, Principal at Fullbrook School.




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