Eikon’s Amazing Swim Team!

Last Sunday on the 12th October four members of staff from Eikon took part in the Woking Rotary Club’s Swimathon!

This is a 10 hour long swimming event which involved each team swimming continuously for 55 minutes – aiming to swim as many lengths as possible! Our amazing Eikon swim team completed an impressive 118 lengths of the pool!

Sally, Caroline, Zed, and Jean (along with her son Anthony) swam as fast as possible and managed to raise over £300 whilst having fun at the same time!

Swimmer Sally said:

“The team met early and discussed strategy –  we would each do our few lengths and then let the next person take over – with hindsight, this is clearly a flawed idea as each person would have achieved fewer lengths of varying speed.  Luckily Swimathon insisted that we did it their way!
Our team got in the water together and we were evenly split between each end of the pool to swim in rotation.  Having a breathing space between lengths, meant that everyone attained a faster length.  Our target was 100 lengths, and by combining determination, resolve and Anthony’s youth and skill, we beat it.
We felt such a sense of triumph and achievement.  It was great fun and much harder than I expected!!
There were lots of younger, fitter, more athletic participants there, but it didn’t matter as the atmosphere was great, and I’m glad I took part.
Getting a medal and actually being in the team photo was definitely the icing on the cake for me!”

A massive well done to the whole of our Eikon Swim Team…. until next year!

swim team

From left to right: Jean, Anthony, Sally, Caroline and Zed

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