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We have submitted an application to the 2015 Aviva Community Fund requesting funding to launch a Mental Health Pilot Programme in the autumn of 2015.   We need your votes to get this project off the ground!

Rarely does a week go by without reports in the national press about the number of mental health issues facing young people today.   From exam stress to family breakdown to the age of 24/7 on-line pressures, anxiety levels in our youth are at record highs.  Young people in Surrey are part of this trend and they need our support more than ever.

We are liaising with Young Minds (a national specialist child and adolescent mental health charity) and are developing an Eikon “Mental Health Programme” to offer preventative and early intervention support to young people experiencing mental health challenges.  We will not be able to launch our Programme without this funding.

Please help us by voting for our Programme.  All you need to do is register on the Aviva Community Fund website and cast your votes for “The Eikon Charity Youth Mental Health Pilot”.  Registering is easy; look for the blue “Login / Not Yet Registered” message on the top right hand corner of the link below.  Each individual is allowed ten votes.  Competition is fierce and every vote counts!

To read our application, register and cast your vote, please click here.

Please help us by voting and sharing this link with all your friends and families.

Voting ends May 30th, 2015.  Only the top 4 finalists in this category will advance to the finals.

Thank you in advance for your support.




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