Young People Commended as Heroes at Eikon-ic Awards Evening!

On Tuesday 9th June young people gathered at Chertsey Halls to celebrate their personal achievements at The Eikon Charity’s Award Ceremony.

Eikon’s 2015 awards ceremony was soley designed, developed and organised by Eikon’s very own Youth Development Board (YDB). The YDB is group of eight young people dedicated to improving Eikon’s work, but evaluating our services to ensure they truly benefit the lives of young people in Surrey. These amazing young people chose to have a Superheroes theme for the awards ceremony, as they felt their peers would truly benefit from being awarded for their bravery and courage for overcoming adversity.

This prestigious event was dedicated to celebrating young people’s achievements over the last year, with award categories including; Outstanding Co-operation, Resilience, Commitment, Engagement, Leadership and Courage. All of which allowed each young people to identify their accomplishments which allows them to grow from their past experiences. Eikon’s associated Youth Centres and secondary schools were invited along to celebrate one another’s achievements, whilst inviting young people along from our Mobile Outreach Programme.

Here are some photo’s from the event:

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This annual awards event is Eikon’s second, following from their very successful event in 2014 at the SONY centre in Weybridge.

We would like to thank the young people who attended the event, all of our guests, and Stepping Stones Trust for their support.

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