Meet Maris, our Cycling Superstars!

A team of five amateur cyclists from Maris Interiors have signed up to the RideLondon cycling challenge in aid of vulnerable young people in Surrey.

Martin, Simon, Dale, John, and Daniel have all agreed to swap their construction hats for bike helmets in a bid to test themselves, and make a real difference. None of these brave men have taken on a challenge like this before, but they are keen to challenge themselves and overcome their up hill struggles, to make a real impact on thousands of young people’s lives across Surrey.

We caught up with the cheerful team to see how they are feeling with just a few weeks left to go until the big event on the 2nd August.

Name: Martin Jacks, Simon Pearson, Dale Gladen, John Hosken and Daniel SmithMaris

How old are you all?:  Our ages range from 30 – 45

Hometown’s:   We’re from Surrey, London and Essex

Why have you decided to take part in Ridelondon?

We want to raise money  for the Eikon charity, and it is a personal goal of ours to exercise and keep fit.

How is your training going?

It is going really well! We have been quite disciplined in getting out at least 3 to 4 times per week. We meet for rides at weekends as a group. We have found an App that logs our training so we can measure ourselves against each other, and see what miles etc we have done since we started. It also shows us where we have improved, which is really helpful and motivational.

Time you would like to complete Ridelondon in: We would all like to complete it in 7 hours or less.

What is your fundraising target? We are hoping to raise a least £2500.00

Here is a link to their Fundraising page:

Why people should sponsor you? We are non cyclists who are committed and took on this challenge – and it is a great cause.

Any final words?

We are really thankful for the opportunity of taking on this challenge for Eikon, and we hope to raise them lots of money and do all of our sponsors proud!


Please consider sponsoring the Maris team on their challenge so more young people can benefit from their amazing efforts. If you would like to find out more about Maris Interiors, you can visit their website here. They are an organisation who have been, and continue to be incredibly supportive of Eikon’s work and have allowed us to achieve so much. They have recently been responsible for the refurbishment of our Head Quarters and Youth Activities room which has dramatically improved the facilities available to both our staff and our young people.


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