Eikon Launches New Brand Identity



Eikon have launched their new visual identity to help the Charity raise its awareness and recognition to its cause.

Eikon is an innovative, Surrey based, charity working with young people who are facing difficult and potentially damaging issues in their lives mainly not of their own making.  Often they come from chaotic family situations or have been struck by personal tragedy and without Eikons help their lives deteriorate into crisis. The rebrand came about as Eikon reached its 20th year and it was felt the Charity needed to demonstrate far clearer its mission and vision.  Eikon give a helping hand, both practically and emotionally to those in need, inspiring them  to pick themselves up and step forward in life once more.  Eikon helps to re-build their resilience, confidence and levels of aspiration.   This was the focus of the design and we also wanted to express a youthful and vibrant side to our brand.

Chris Hickford, CEO of the Charity says “We wanted our brand to more accurately reflect r work with young people and to express how they see our support. One of the Charity’s values is young people, first and always and they were involved in the choice of this new look.

Cost has been a major consideration when deciding to make this change, and we are extremely grateful to an amazing supporter who sponsored this rebrand and to Crux Design who significantly reduced their costs for creative work.  We are extremely excited about the new look and what we hope will be a recognisable identity across Surrey.”

Eikon have also taken the decision to gradually transition from  the old logo to the new in order to save on unnecessary expenditure and therefore will use all existing stock before phasing in new resources.  This will allow the Charity to continue to focus expenditure on the much needed services to young people in line with our values.


For more information please contact Jill Green, Head of Fundraising 01932 347434

E: jill.green@eikon.org.uk


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