Merger of Eikon and WVYP

wvyp hand logo large v05We are pleased to let you know that the official merger of Eikon and Windle Valley Youth Project (WVYP) completed on 1st July 2016 and we are now working towards an integrated organisation that strengthens our work in supporting young people.

The merger combines and protects the strengths of both charities and creates a stronger and more robust organisation that can improve service delivery for young people, strengthen our voice locally, regionally and even nationally, and increase efficiency and sustainability.

Continuing to work under the name of Eikon, the new combined organisation will continue to prioritise early intervention, strong relationships between the youth specialist and the young person and the ‘no wrong door’ approach. This work will continue to be delivered through schools, youth clubs and on the streets.

We will be working towards achieving the benefits of the merger, including:

  • Serving young people even better by combining the expertise of both organisations including schools work, youth voice and advocacy, mentoring, emotional well-being, youth centres, etc.
  • Delivering as a larger charity enables greater influence and geographical reach, the potential to accelerate the strategic aims of both organisations, and the reduction of unnecessary competition for a diminishing pool of, in particular, statutory funding.
  • Economies of scale and better use of key individuals.
  • A bigger staff team with more resilience and wider opportunities for staff and their career development, able to deliver more services
  • Fund-raising across a larger pool taking advantage of the combined experience and success.

Our recent success in securing new CAMHS funded projects promoting mental health (in partnership with Surrey and Borders Partnership) and developing resilience in the primary/secondary schools transition is an example of how we will deliver more from our combined organisation, working in collaboration with our partners.

The new Eikon is responding to the challenges of a fast changing external environment for the charity sector, helping young people today as they face unprecedented challenges. Demand from young people for support is greater than ever and by joining together we will work better to fill these gaps.

Young people remain at the heart of the new Eikon, where our core value is putting young people first and offering the right help at the right time and for as long as they need it. We will continue to focus on actively involving them in the design, delivery and assessment of our services.

If you would like any further information or to raise any questions, please do make contact.

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