‘On paper’ .. we didn’t look good… March Recruitment show resilience as they win Weybridge Community Regatta

For those lucky people who know us… you must also know that entering the Weybridge Community Regatta was a huge challenge for us and something we didn’t ever believe or dream of winning!

The Weybridge Regatta is a very popular event throughout Walton & Weybridge and the pressure was huge. We took the opportunity to raise money for a fabulous charity Eikon and we have raised so much more than expected. Three weeks ago our slightly unfit bodies had never squeezed in a rowing boat in our lives! With much trepidation, we attended our first training session two weeks ago in typical British Summer weather with wind and rain. We felt like we didn’t have much hope at all but powered through to the second and last training session with a faint smug feeling that we ‘kind of had the hang of it’.

‘On paper’ .. we didn’t look good..

On the day, the atmosphere was electric. We had an inspirational speech from a Silver Olympic medalist in the morning and the nerves had started to really kick in.

First race, we thought would be our last but we won and we made it through to the Quarter finals!

The cheers from the riverbank could be heard from our families, friends and work colleagues but we didn’t dare look at them and stayed fully focus ed! We were already overwhelmed at being through to the Quarter finals.


After making it through to the Semi-finals our adrenaline was pumping through our bodies – we were in shock, exhausted, very confused but excited to make it through to the Semi-finals. We were up against a boat consisting of 4 fully grown men (hench) we just thought we had no chance! We were laughing at what we were about to face.

Perhaps it was our grace, technique and determination? We beat them! We could not believe it – I don’t think the boys could either!  There was a lot of ‘girl power’ vibes coming from the Riverbank. The atmosphere was unbelievable and spectators were congratulating us even at this point…we, the outsiders were in the spotlight!

Then the final came round and after checking 4 times that it really was true… We were in the final… we just gave it everything we had! Our team mates, Victoria and Katie had joined the Weybridge rowing club just a few months ago and we bonded as a team perfectly which, helped massively by our fantastic Coach, Lisa who was a fantastic motivator.

In the final race, we were up against St Georges College ( a fit looking crew with determination in their eyes). As our amazing Cox, yelled her orders out on the river, through fear and adrenaline, we found ourselves in the lead in the final as we won by a boat and 3/4s!!

A day that will be unforgotten and our trophy will be placed in our office with pride. We have walked away with a shiny trophy, medals and a great sense of achievement for both our team and our chosen local charity, Eikon.

If you ever are pondering about entering in to something you haven’t done before.. Do it! It’s fun and you have a chance of raising much needed money for a very worthwhile local charity.

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