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In 2018 alone 56 murders have taken place in London. At least 35 of these are young people stabbed to death in an epidemic of violent street crime. We are shocked at this tragic loss of life and the impact on so many families.
While Surrey has not seen a similar rise in knife crime we have seen an escalation in young people suffering abuse. In the same period, from the start of 2018, over 70 young people have disclosed to Eikon staff that they are suffering abuse.

While the number of young people suffering abuse is shocking, it is reassuring that Eikon is there to help and listen. Young people tell us that they need to feel very safe before they speak up and Eikon is able to provide that.
On one occasion a member of the Eikon team arranged to meet a young person in a café on 4 separate occasions. Each time the young person didn’t show up. The Eikon staff member tried again and on the 5th occasion the young person was there. The young person said:
“I have been here on each of the other 4 occasions, tucked in a corner pretending to work because I wanted to see if you could be trusted and that you wouldn’t  give up on me too easily”
The young person went on to disclose abuse at home.

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