5 Year Strategy

Five year strategy children and young people 2019-24Amidst recent widespread changes in the way that support and services for children and young people are designed, provided and resourced, Eikon is introducing an ambitious five-year strategy that gives us clear direction and enables us to achieve the best possible outcomes for more young people.

As the leading youth delivery charity in Surrey, Eikon must ensure it can continue to provide high quality, preventative and personalised support to an increasing number of children, young people and their families. By 2024 we aim to:

  • directly support at least 30% more children and young people
  • double our work with families of the young people we support
  • influence systemic change in at least 85% of Surrey schools
  • help schools nationally adopt Eikon’s whole-school approaches to mental health and well-being, so that more children benefit.

As we do this, we will retain and build on the unique values and approach that make Eikon so effective, respected and loved by the children we support.

To achieve our aims, we will need to work closely with schools, local authorities and healthcare organisations. We will also need to raise more funds from individual, trust, community and corporate donors. Everyone can play a part in helping us to be there for children and young people who need us.

If you’d like to do more to help, please do get in touch.