Appeal for Positive Change

Think you live a normal life? What is normal?

When something happens every day, even regularly, that becomes your normal.  Caring for family members and having to miss school becomes normal.  Being bullied and feeling isolated; normal.

And then add bereavement, self-harm, suicide, physical abuse, crime, yes, all these events are in our past, this was our normal.

Individually any of these issues would shake your confidence, mental health, your well-being.  It doesn’t matter if you are a child or an adult when you experience something traumatic you need somewhere safe and supportive to help you through.  To help you want to go on.

“If it wasn’t for them I could be dead.”

Despite what we have been through we consider ourselves fortunate, we have both been helped by local charity Eikon. Eikon have a Youth Specialist in our school and although they feel like part of the school, they also feel safe, separate. Eikon for us was a space where no matter what, we would always be accepted for who we were. It was always welcoming and comfortable. Our Youth Specialist individually tailored support for us over the 6 years we worked with them; from 1 to 1 weekly sessions, crime diversion courses, residential courses, lunch clubs and support groups. No matter what was going on they helped us see that past events did not have to shape our futures.

We didn’t see it then but now, looking back, we can see that they helped us interact with new people, leading by example to respect each other and different opinions.  They challenged us to take on and overcome new situations, to grow in confidence.  They made us feel worthwhile and valued.

Please support our appeal for the work Eikon does with young people. Eikon put us first, no matter what. They listened to us and didn’t judge, they helped us see the way ahead.

Thanks to the constant support of Eikon we are now shaping our futures in a positive way, studying at University and focusing on healthy relationships. With your donations we can ensure Eikon is available to more young people, today.

Chloe & Chloe

Chloe #positivechange uni Chloe #positivechange confident

How Eikon builds Positive Change

We strongly believe in early intervention.  Recognising and dealing with issues before they become life changing crises.

Eikon’s approach is preventative, non-formal and draws on experiential learning. Our skilled staff deliver personal and relational programmes for young people; building trust, mutual respect and understanding.

Youth Specialists support:

  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • Resilience
  • Managing feelings and empathy
  • Independence and informed choices
  • Communication
  • Planning and problem solving
  • Relationships and leadership
  • Accessing and using advice and support services

Currently active in 6 Surrey secondary schools Eikon’s Youth Specialists are uniquely positioned to act on referrals from school staff, parents and other agencies as well as being a place of safety and comfort for when young people need them during the school day.

We have been actively engaged in this work for over 21 years and we know it works.

Urgent Appeal for Positive Change

As a charity Eikon urgently needs funding to deliver the critical support it provides every day to young people across Surrey.
Each month through Youth Specialists in schools Eikon delivers:

  • 296 hours of 1 to 1 support, offering a safe and confidential setting to explore emotions and situations.
  • 120 hours of lunch clubs and support groups, delivering positive and supportive relationships
  • 16 sessions of young carer support, growing a positive sense of self
  • 48 hours of targeted courses such as Anger Management, developing coping strategies

£15 can make a huge difference by ensuring we are there to support a young person feel safe enough to discuss their issues.

Your donation can provide a place of warmth and friendship for troubled young people, Eikon work with them to put their lives together again.

Together we can #eikonpositivechange