Employability Skills

Developing skills to engage in education, employment or training

We provide vulnerable young people with opportunities to gain qualifications and supporting them to improve their self-confidence and self-esteem with the objective of guiding them towards further training or employment.


In2View Conferences offer young people access to an intensive employability course. The course offers them the chance to build their knowledge of the skills needed to support their employability or progression to further education, including CV writing, communication and interpersonal skills as well as a simulated interview experience with business professionals. With proven success this is a popular course with young people wanting to succeed in employment.

It made me realise the jobs I can get when I leave school are rubbish and the pay is lame. I need to go back and work a bit harder so I can do the course I want and be happy at college and have a better chance in the future

Youth Achievement Awards Programmes

YAA work for many young people whether in mainstream education or not, it uses a peer approach to helping young people plan and review their learning.

YAA is a nationally recognised accredited award programme aimed at young people aged 7-25yrs. The YAA encourages young people to actively participate in their own “Social Development Journey” through selecting, planning and managing activities. The YAA is an activity based approach to support the development of life skills which aids young people to become a positive strength in their own lives and those of others.

These awards were created to acknowledge the extraordinary talents of young people, often not developed in mainstream education. Some of them are small steps taken but the fantastic results are a turning point in changing self-esteem and confidence. Others are big projects that can steer a young person on their future career.

Help is given every step of the way, from planning individual projects to helping create a portfolio of work, organising training or a work placement.

To young people we say

This could be the step that you need to make a future for yourself.

In the past young people have been awarded Youth Achievement Awards for the following:

  • Being part of a youth forum.
  • Teaching other young people about first aid.
  • Running an environmental project.
  • Organising a holiday for the youth club members.
  • Learning to control anger.
  • Taking part in an outdoor recreational activity.

There are 7 different levels of accreditation and qualification, all of which are recognised nationally.

If you work with or support young people who are aged 7 or more, and think they’d be interested in participating, please get in touch here.