Jake’s Story



When Jake* was referred to Eikon, he presented as having difficulties in maintaining positive engagement in education.  Jake had already been excluded from two schools.  His last school placement was on the verge of breaking down.  He was experiencing difficulties in sustaining positive friendships as well as a significant journey to and from school which could take anything up to an hour each way.  In addition to this Jake was identified by the Early Help assessment and his own self-assessment as needing support in addressing antisocial behaviour and substance misuse.

Relationships at home were not good, particularly since he had an acrimonious relationship with his step dad.  Jake was keen to move in with his biological father however this was not practical since his father was living in supported accommodation.  Unfortunately Jake was the victim of an assault on his journey home from school which was the catalyst that led him to disengaging from school entirely.  This decision was supported by his mother who feared for his personal safety.

Subsequently a school referral was made for Jake to attend a different school in Pyrford.  A work placement was organised with the expectation that Jake would attempt to independently engage with this cafe work placement.  Since Jake was unfamiliar with the cafe environment, together we decided that it might be worth holding our first few sessions there.  This enabled Jake to familiarise himself with this new environment, get an idea about what sort of customers use the service, and to develop an understanding of what his role might look like.

Jake and I worked together to prepare him for his formal interview, discussing interview attire and possible questions that he might ask.  The interview was a success!  Jake has since used his own initiative and expressed an interest in the opportunity to have a contracted role……Success again!!

Jake now currently works weekends at the cafe and one day during the week.  He prides himself on the fact that he has never been late and that for the first time he was able to take his mum out for a meal.  Jake is able to identify the impact that his attendance at Pyrford and his new job are having on his life.  He is engaging less in antisocial behaviour and is disengaging with peers that had a negative influence on him.  He smokes significantly less because by his own admission “I just don’t have the time”.

Jake has taken massive steps towards maintaining a positive lifestyle as well as developing his employability skills, despite the difficult circumstances that he has been faced with.  I have continued to meet him on a one to one basis to ensure that he is continually supported through his journey into these positive behaviours and lifestyle.

*names changed for safeguarding purposes

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