Residential 1We find residentials create the space for incredible transformations in young people.  We run residentials most years.  In the summer of 2015 a team of 7 staff from Eikon took 22 young people away for a week.  They stayed at the fantastic St George’s House Activity Centre in Georgeham, Devon. The residential was funded through the generous support of a grant from BBC’s Children in Need.

Young people from our various projects all joined together to enjoy a week of positive and educational activities where they could learn new skills, increase their confidence, enjoy new opportunities, overcome their fears and by doing so they could improve their well being.  The young people who were offered this opportunity came from varying backgrounds and many faced disadvantages not of their own making.  Most of the group were young carers, some had difficult home lives, some were dealing mental health issues and eating disorders and others were battling low self esteem and confidence.

The issues were wide ranging and so they each had their own personal objectives and issues to overcome, with the support of the Eikon Team.  This week aimed to give them a helping hand by receiving some additional support and giving them these new opportunities.  Indeed, one young people aged 15 had never been in the sea until he came on Eikon’s Residential and by the end of the week was learning to surf!

The week was filled with many different activities such as rock-climbing, surfing, orienteering, night-hiking, fire-making to name a few plus a myriad of creative problem solving challenges.  One element of the week was involving everyone in cooking.  In three groups the young people were in a rota to prepare and cook at least one meal for everyone.  Through this, they learnt about healthy eating and hygiene as well as developing positive self-esteem through functioning as a member of a team.

All young people learnt new soft skills as well as overcoming certain fears and phobias.  By the end of the week, young people who hadn’t met previously now felt like they had developed new close friendships and extended their support network.

They told us that building these friendships had increased their confidence in making new friends as well as leaving a lasting impact in their lives.

You can also watch some of the highlights and hear some young people talking about the residential for yourself here:

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