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Give a young person the gift of resilience

Your generosity will help children become thriving young adults

The Eikon Charity supports children and young people to develop into confident, thriving, resilient young adults who contribute positively to their communities.

Services for children in Surrey are so stretched that children are often not getting the urgent help they need, when they need it.  With your help, Eikon can be there for them, early on – to prevent a problem becoming a crisis.

“Eikon helped me become the person I am today. My Youth Specialist helped me deal with issues that could have affected my whole life. I was worried about the consequences of my past actions and they helped me to think logically, practically and to deal with the situations rather than worry about them.”

Your donation will help us give children the expert help they need today, and the skills and confidence to face life’s challenges tomorrow.

Give today

£15 could pay for a school lunch club or other safe place to talk

£30 could pay for a one-to-one session with a Youth Specialist

£50 could pay for a young carer to take a break at an Eikon activity day

£100 could enable a young person at risk of offending to attend a Crime Diversion Course and turn their life around.

Give regularly

£5 per month could help pay for food for two young people suffering from neglect

£12.50 per month could pay for a young person to attend a youth club every week

£25 per month….

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More ways to donate

If you would prefer to give via bank transfer, cash or cheque, please give us a call on 01932 347 434 or contact

Donate tax-free through payroll giving | Leave a gift in your will

If you are connected to a charitable trust or foundation that may be interested in supporting Eikon, please get in touch.

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