We have a very active innovation department through which we are creating ways of having more impact, with more young people, more sustainably and more efficiently.  We look to do our work collaboratively through a series of projects that aim to be a “gathering point” for anyone interested in better outcomes for young people.  For each project we are keen to hear from potential collaboration partners who might bring expertise, insights, access or funding.  We are also open to proposals for new projects.  Already we have worked with schools, parents, NHS Trusts, young people, youth work charities, advocacy and representative bodies, national experts, sports clubs and universities.

Some of our current projects are listed below.  For more information or to get involved, please contact Affy Harris on 01932 347434 or

Smart Moves Resilience: based on the Resilience Framework of Angie Hart and Derek Blincow and building on the Resilient Classroom resource created at Hove Park School, this programme helps teachers to support young people as they build resilience skills.  Initially targeted at Year 6 to Year 7 transition the programme is being adopted across a wider age range.  The programme has been updated to address common SEN needs in mainstream schools and a Special School version is being produced (funding needed).  The programme is also being developed for use to support Looked After Children.  The project has been funded by Surrey’s CYP Mental Health Transformation Programme and Surrey Heath Learning Partnership.  We have worked in partnership with Boingboing, University of Brighton, Collingwood College, Kings International, Tomlinscote College, Connaught Junior School, Cordwalles,  South Camberley Primary, Ravenscote Junior, Carwarden House School, young people involved in Eikon clubs and a residential.  An independent evaluation of the programme is being run by Royal Holloway University London.  You can read more about the Smart Moves programme here.

Whole School Wellbeing:  Through this innovation, we are supporting schools to develop a whole school approach to wellbeing across the 8 key areas of school wellbeing.  Through the process we help schools to capture what they already have, collect feedback and create a whole school development plan for wellbeing. To find out more, please email

School Systems Leadership:  Leadership is at the core of the Whole School Wellbeing approach.  Systems Leadership is a set of theories and tools that help to align organisations to achieve their purpose and provides schools with a unique approach to understand and develop their systems, symbols and behaviours.  We are working in partnership with an international Systems Leadership consultancy and are looking to work with a small number of selected schools to pilot this transformational programme. To find out more, please email