Terms and Conditions for a guaranteed place in the 2025 TCS London Marathon, 27th April 2025 (the “Event”)

To participate in the Event you must agree to the terms and conditions below. These terms constitute the fundraising agreement between Eikon and you, as a participant.

Taking part

  1. You understand that the Event is not organised by Eikon, but by a third party (“Event Organiser”), in this case, the TCS London Marathon (“TCSLM25”). It is your responsibility to read any terms and conditions issued by the Event Organisers and to comply with these.
  2. You confirm that you are medically fit and that you participate in the Event at your own risk.  Eikon will not be held responsible for injury or illness resulting from your participation and it is your responsibility to ensure your fitness to take part in the Event.
  3. We define a Charity Place runner as anyone who has obtained a place in the TCSLM25 directly from Eikon and has committed to raise a minimum of £2,000 as a condition of the place, excluding Gift Aid and registration fee.  This should be received by Eikon by 18th May 2025.
  4. All Eikon Participants must be aged 18 or over by the Event Date.
  5. You understand that, if applying for a Charity Place, Eikon may need to notify the Event Organiser that you will be taking part, and share limited personal information so that the Event Organiser can contact you to confirm your registration for the Event.  You understand that, if needed, it will be your responsibility to complete the Event Organiser’s registration also.
  6. You acknowledge that the £100 registration fee is non-refundable, and that Charity Places in the Event are non-transferable.  The registration fee does not contribute towards your fundraising target.
  7. If your application is successful and you pay your £100 registration fee, we will provide you with details on how to register on the Event Organiser’s online entry system.  You are required to complete your registration by the date communicated by London Marathon Events Team.  If you do not complete the TCSLM25 online entry system you will lose your place and you will not be entitled to a refund or a deferral.
  8. You agree to contact Eikon by emailing fundraising@eikon.org.uk if you are unable to take part in the Event and forward any money raised to Eikon to support our vital work supporting young people in Surrey.
  9. Any quotes, images, video, and audio we collect from you during the course of your London Marathon 2025 journey may be used by Eikon in future marketing materials.
  10. You will inform fundraising@eikon.org.uk immediately if you are unable to take part in the Event.  In the event of injury, or if you can no longer take part in the Event you can terminate your place at any point by emailing fundraising@eikon.org.uk.  We regret that we are unable to refund any registration payments made to us.  Should you withdraw, you may return all your sponsor forms and forward monies raised (provided your sponsors agree to this) to Eikon or return monies to your sponsors.  Your registration fee will not be refunded.


  1. You agree to use your best endeavours to raise money for Eikon in connection with your participation in the Event and, in particular aim to raise at least the specified fundraising target if you have accepted a Charity Place.  Gift Aid doesn’t count towards your fundraising target.
  2. You understand and will make clear to those who support your fundraising that any money you send into Eikon will be treated as a donation and used for Eikon’s work helping young people in Surrey and beyond.  Donations are not generally refundable, even if you fail to take part in or withdraw from the event.
  3. Any fundraising you undertake in connection with your participation in the Event will be for Eikon only (applicable to Charity Place participants) and you will regularly forward all monies donated to the Charity no later than 18th May 2025 by:
    • Paying online with your credit or debit card
    • Making a BACS payment to Eikon (CAF Account: 00020000 Sort Code: 40-52-40)
    • Using Eikon’s chosen third party fundraising platform such as JustGiving or Enthuse
    • Calling the Fundraising team on 01932 347434 with your credit or debit card details
    • Sending cheques made payable to “Eikon” to: Fundraising, Eikon, Selsdon Road, New Haw, Addlestone, Surrey, KT15 3HP
  4. You will keep details of the names and addresses of, and amounts donated or pledged by, all donors and provide such details to The Eikon Charity on request. 
  5. You will send an accompanying breakdown of how the money was raised and return all used and un-used sponsor forms to Eikon. 
  6. You will, if the sum of £2,000 has not been paid by 18th May 2025, pay the remainder from your own personal funds within one month of this date or in instalments to be agreed in writing with Eikon. 
  7. You agree to only use lawful means to fundraise for Eikon and will not bring the charity’s names into disrepute.  You agree to observe the following fundraising rules and comply with any further rules and requirements about fundraising of which Eikon notify you:
    • Do not use the Eikon or any associated logo without first obtaining permission from Eikon and allow Eikon to approve any materials produced whether printed or online.
    • Tell your sponsors that you are raising money “in aid of” Eikon.
    • Do not incur Eikon any cost, claim, loss or liability.
    • Contact Eikon by emailing fundraising@eikon.org.uk before conducting any raffle, lottery or public event, and comply with any guidance, guidelines or insurance and legal requirements issued by Eikon in connection with this kind of event.
    • Obtain approval from Eikon before approaching press or celebrities to support your event.
    • You must secure the necessary approvals prior to undertaking street collections or collections on private property. House-to-house collections are not permitted.
  8. You agree to take responsibility for the safe keeping of money raised in Eikon’s name, both during and after the collections, until it is transferred to Eikon and you will:
    • Ensure that if collecting cash, it is counted in the presence of at least one witness and that this amount is written, signed by the witness/es and a cheque for this amount is sent to Eikon.
    • Send Eikon completed sponsor forms with details of the names and addresses of and amounts donated or pledged by all sponsors no later than 18th May 2025.  This will allow Eikon to process Gift Aid on donations.  Please note that we will not contact your sponsors.


You confirm that you have read, understood and agree to all the terms and conditions set out above, and understand Eikon may terminate the relationship if you are in breach of any of the terms and conditions.
We recommend that you print and keep a copy of this agreement with a note of the date on which you accepted its terms and conditions.

Thank you for supporting Eikon and good luck with your fundraising! Any questions or queries?  Please don’t hesitate to contact fundraising@eikon.org.uk