Mental Health and Wellbeing in Schools

Whole School Wellbeing

We support schools to develop a whole school approach to wellbeing across the 8 key areas of school wellbeing.  Our process is based on the Public Health England 8 principles model and through this we help schools to:

  • Identify and review what they already do to promote wellbeing
  • Collect feedback and perspectives from stakeholders including students and staff
  • Explore options drawing on great practice and evidence from a wide range of sources
  • Define their desired whole school approach to wellbeing
  • Create a development plan to implement the design

School Systems Leadership

Leadership is at the core of the Whole School Wellbeing approach.  Systems Leadership is a set of theories and tools that help to align organisations to achieve their purpose and provides schools with a unique approach to understand and develop their systems, symbols and behaviours.  We work in partnership with an international Systems Leadership consultancy to help school leaders to understand what is happening in their organisations and to develop approaches to optimise the performance of their schools.  We only work by invitation of the school leadership and always in partnership with a focus on transferring skills for sustainable transformation.

For more information about the Whole School Wellbeing programme, please contact us via

Head Smart

AW-HeadSmart logoHead Smart is a peer-led wellbeing ambassador programme funded by Mindsight Surrey CAMHS.  Eikon will deliver a training programme and resources to develop wellbeing ambassadors in your school who will be able to help other students to think about their own mental health and the practical things they can do to promote positive wellbeing.   A Wellbeing Ambassador promotes wellbeing in school through education, activities, events and whole school communication.

Eikon will provide 2- 3 hours of training and a workbook, covering the following:

  • Definition of role and responsibilities and benefits to the school community
  • Raising awareness of mental health needs and the importance of personal well-being
  • To educate and equip young people with knowledge and actions to improve wellbeing
  • To teach the Five Ways to Wellbeing and provide experience of them
  • To devise action plans to implement the five ways in their life
  • To create student-led strategic plans to educate and impact the whole school on wellbeing
  • Awareness and signposting pathways for support available to students in school and externally
  • Wellbeing Ambassador role limits and personal support

The programme has follow-on training to grow ambassadors into advisors, and advisors into peer wellbeing mentors.  We are partnering with and on request we can offer additional lessons; assemblies and small group sessions on using technology for wellbeing.

Heads Up

Heads UpHeads Up is a schools-based six week course for Year 9 that teaches young people the skills to understand and build their own mental health and to improve the way they deal with tough times. Based on the material created by UK Youth/Paul Hamlyn Foundation this nationally recognised programme helps young people build a range of skills in wellbeing, and dealing with emotions and difficulties.  Delivered by youth workers, the style of the course is accessible and fun.

It has four core units:

  • Promoting emotional wellbeing
  • Mental health awareness
  • Managing stress
  • Reaching out

With the choice of two sessions from the following:

  • Supporting friends
  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Self-harm
  • Dealing with anger
  • Food and mood
  • Healthy relationships

We also offer a range of targeted support and courses including anger management, self-esteem and resilience.  For more information please contact us at

Mindsight Surrey CAMHS

Eikon is a partner in the Mindsight Surrey CAMH Service.   As well as promoting wellbeing in schools, Eikon manages the counselling services delivered in local communities through our partners Learning Space, Relate West Surrey, Step by Step and YMCA East Surrey.  More information can be found on the Mindsight Surrey CAMHS website.

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