Celebrating Pride Month

Spreading Awareness and Inclusivity in Surrey

This Pride Month, we’ve been on a mission to celebrate diversity and foster understanding across Surrey. Our initiatives have focused on engaging young people and creating spaces for open conversations about the LGBTQ+ community.

One of our exciting projects is a collaboration with Brooklands Museum. Working alongside our youth group, we’re creating an interactive exhibit that showcases the stories of LGBTQ+ individuals connected to the museum’s history. This project not only preserves important narratives but also empowers young people to actively shape conversations about inclusion.

LGBTQ+ youth group leader

We’ve also been busy visiting schools and colleges throughout Surrey

We’ve also been busy visiting schools and colleges throughout Surrey including a Pride Picnic at Woking High, Pride afternoon at Godalming College, well-being day at Howard of Effingham School and meetings with Jubilee High, and Chertsey High for upcoming September projects. These visits help encouraging students to support their LGBTQ+ peers and learn more about Pride as they can ask questions, share their understanding, and celebrate diversity together.

Our activities have also extended beyond schools and into the community. We’ve been visiting Surrey youth groups including The Hive in Guildford to run Pride activities and helping young people to access LGBTQ+ support.


These initiatives represent more than just celebrations

As Pride Month comes to a close, we’re inspired by the enthusiasm we’ve encountered. Our commitment to this important work does not just occur within June but also continues year-round, ensuring that we continue to strive for an inclusive community for all young people in Surrey.

You can reach us at eikonLGBT@eikon.org.uk if you would like to know more about our groups, or would like to support as an individual or organisation.



Two girls with pride flag around them

Quote from Project Worker Katy Berry:


“ The energy and openness we’ve seen from young people across Surrey this Pride Month has been amazing. We’re not just celebrating – we’re starting conversations for lasting change to occur in our community.  After all, the first pride was a protest!  It’s been incredibly rewarding work.”