chrisThe Eikon Charity’s origins date back to 1995, when the ‘New Haw Youth Project’ was set up by our founder, Chris Hickford.  Chris met many young people coping with extremely difficult personal issues who had very little, if any, help available to them.

It was apparent that regardless of the severity of their issues, due to the fact many of these young people had not yet reached a certain level of crisis (such as committed a crime, been excluded from school or become homeless) they were below the threshold for government support. Chris and his team understood the importance of helping these young people before their problems escalated into larger and potentially insurmountable crises.

Our Name

The group’s work expanded into other areas of Surrey and in 2005 it was renamed The Eikon Charity.  “Eikon” means picture, or vision, in Greek and reflects the charity’s ambition to help those we support visualise a better future.  The name also has connotations with “icon”, which is appropriate, as positive role modelling for young people is a fundamental part of the charity’s work.

Working together

Since 2016 four charities – Eikon, Reflex Woking, Windle Valley Youth Project and The Lifetrain Trust have merged to form the organisation that Eikon is today, supporting thousands of young people.  Each charity brought strengths and most importantly, a great reputation for helping young people transform their lives.