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What do Eikon do and how can you access it?

Eikon’s range of programmes helps young people develop their social and emotional capabilities, including self-reliance, independence, emotional control, resilience, confidence and self-esteem, together with a wide range of practical life and employability skills.

Eikon interacts with young people at many different points, from weekly sports coaching, youth clubs, outreach sessions, mentoring, courses delivered through school, in-school pastoral support to training teachers how to facilitate and lead discussions on mental health. To address the needs identified by young people in 2016/17 Eikon provided a wide variety of different programmes with direct delivery across 35 separate locations in Surrey and 160 schools for Smart Moves training.

130 separate courses were delivered from a menu of different topics including:

·         Anxiety ·         Emotional Resilience ·         Health Relationships ·         Bereavement
·         Exam Stress ·         Self-esteem & Identity ·         Bullying ·         Eating Disorders
·         Self-harm ·         Child Sexual Exploitation ·         Friendships ·         Social Skills
·         Sexuality ·         Conflict Resolution ·         Stress Management ·         Online Safety
·         Mental Health ·         Crime Diversion ·         Drug Awareness ·         Anger Management

74% of young people received the support they needed from one service.

24% of young people accessed between 2 and 6 Eikon services.

2% accessed 7 or more services, receiving intensive support throughout the year as appropriate.

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For further information about these programmes, please contact the our Youth Work team on or by phone on 01932 347 434.

Other opportunities to work alongside Eikon can be found via Smart Moves and Children’s Wellbeing Practitioner