Head Smart Wellbeing Ambassadors

Knowing how important wellbeing resources are right now we have developed the Head Smart Programme into a downloadable resource with a virtual training video. Thanks to funding from Surrey’s Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Alliance we can provide this free for Surrey Schools. Out of area schools can also access the resource for just £75.

Head Smart is a peer-led wellbeing ambassador programme funded by Surrey’s Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Alliance.  Eikon will deliver a training programme and resources to develop wellbeing ambassadors in your school who will be able to help other students to think about their own mental health and the practical things they can do to promote positive wellbeing.   A Wellbeing Ambassador promotes wellbeing in school through education, activities, events and whole school communication.

Eikon will provide 2- 3 hours of training and a workbook, covering the following:

  • Definition of role and responsibilities and benefits to the school community
  • Raising awareness of mental health needs and the importance of personal wellbeing
  • To educate and equip young people with knowledge and actions to improve wellbeing
  • To teach the Five Ways to Wellbeing and provide experience of them
  • To devise action plans to implement the five ways in their life
  • To create student-led strategic plans to educate and impact the whole school on wellbeing
  • Awareness and signposting pathways for support available to students in school and externally
  • Wellbeing Ambassador role limits and personal support

We have had amazing feedback from our Surrey schools who are running the Head Smart Wellbeing Ambassadors Programme. To read some of the brilliant initiatives taking place which could be easily be replicated in your school please click here

To view the course outline for more information please click here:

Head Smart Primary Outline

Head Smart Secondary Outline

Wellbeing at Home

Following school closures we created a special newsletter offering support to school staff, students and parents. Read our Wellbeing @HOME newsletter.

Using our Head Smart programme we have put together some ideas to help build the 5 Ways to Wellbeing into home life, to help families through these challenging times. You can view these here.

Mindsight Surrey CAMHS

Eikon is a partner in the Mindsight Surrey CAMH Service.   As well as promoting wellbeing in schools, Eikon manages the counselling services delivered in local communities through our partners Learning Space, Relate West Surrey, Step by Step and YMCA East Surrey.  More information can be found on the Mindsight Surrey CAMHS website.

Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

We are working hard across the organisation to keep young people, staff, volunteers, visitors and facilities users as safe as possible. We are following all current government guidelines. We will continue to adapt our plans and deploy extra measures as additional public health guidance is received.

We are engaging with local and regional bodies and with partners to inform them of our organisational situation and ensure that everything we do complies with current advice and regulation.

There may well be further need to adjust some of our services as the situation develops. This will only be done after carefully considering the needs of everyone affected.

As an organisation we are committed to providing you the information you need to be able to make informed choices and where necessary changes to your usual activities in our building and services.

We have completed Covid-19 specific risk assessments and put in place appropriate actions to manage the risks identified. This is an ongoing priority for us and these risks assessments will be reviewed regularly to ensure that we are complying with government guidance to minimise transmission risk.