Smart Moves FAQ

Does ‘Acceptance’ mean that I have to tolerate bad behaviour?

No. Acceptance is about accepting circumstances in a young persons life that are outside of your control and concentrating on what can change rather than getting distracted by what we wish was different.

Can I use Smart Moves one to one or just for our vulnerable children?

How you use Smart Moves in your school is up to you. However we recommend that you use it for all students, universally, as part of the whole school approach. All students will face adversity and challenge at some point and have strengths and insight to contribute to the sessions and class discussions. We can’t predict or prevent what will happen in a student’s life and therefore everyone can benefit from learning resilience skills.

Do class teachers and tutors have to deliver Smart Moves?

Other professionals in your school can deliver Smart Moves if required. However Smart Moves it is good to consider that the trusted relationship building that happens between the teacher / tutor and young people during Smart Moves. This is a valuable relationship and sits most effectively with class teachers / tutors.

Is there a Smart Moves programme for parents?

We recommend that you tell parents about Smart Moves and send them the letter and share the info-graphic in the resources section. You may like to discuss with your students how they would like to share what they have learnt with their families. However Smart Moves is designed to be student led in a school setting – it is not designed to be delivered by parents.

What if I can’t do all the activities in the session plan?

You may find that you have more material that you will always need or have time to complete in a session, we would encourage you to stick with great conversations within your class rather than pressing on to the next activity. If you are able to, pick up other activities on another day.

We have vertical tutor groups so can’t run Smart Moves in tutor time?

Smart Moves can be run in PSHE classes across the year group.

I want to read more about the Resilience Framework and the work of Boingboing.

Please read the suggested reading and visiting www.boingboing.co.uk for information.

Is Smart Moves just a one off initiative?

Smart Moves supports young people with resilience building skills for life and not just around transition. Therefore it is a great starting point for a whole school approach to building resilience and wellbeing. Teachers and tutors can adopt a new language around ‘what is a Smart Move here?’ and reference the tools provided through out a young person’s school experience to embed the learning. Please contact us if you would like to know more about a whole school approach.

Why are Smart Moves student books and teacher guides such great value ?

Eikon is a registered charity based in Surrey that received CAMHS Transformational funding to create, pilot and roll out Smart Moves for all Surrey Schools. This means that Smart Moves is made more widely available we only need to cover the cost of materials, updates and and administration.

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