Smart Moves Journal for Children & Young people who are looked after

The Smart Moves® Journal helps young people looked after to build their resilience by identifying how resilient they feel within the areas of:

  • Basic – Safety and Stability
  • Belonging – Relationships
  • Coping – Behaviour
  • Core Self- Thoughts and feelings
  • Learning – Activities and achievements
  • Rights and Participation – rights and responsibilities as a looked after child

The Smart Moves® journal is adapted from Smart Moves Year 6 to 7 Transition program and is based on the evidence of Hart and Blincow’s (with Thomas and BoingboingResilience Framework which sets out easy & practical ideas that can assist with increasing a young person’s resilience.   It is a workable model that can really help a young person target area of their life they may be struggling with that is changeable as they grow and experience new things.

Underpinning the resilience framework are the Noble Truths, 4 fundamental values that act as a starting place for anyone committing to helping a young person build their resilience. Research (Children and young people’s view of being in care: Lit Review) also suggests looked after young people have identified 4 key areas they feel most important to build a foundation for resilience. Positive relationships, Respect, Rights and Responsibility.

See more about how the Four Noble Truths that underpin the Resilience Framework apply to this project here: Noble truths

The journal is personal to them and does not have to be completed or shared with an adult. The activities encourage the young person to seek others views and opinions and to share their thoughts and feelings around areas of resilience, where they may be struggling and a good talking point for further discussion.

You can view the Smart Moves® Journal here

Mental health advice and support – Resources

We hope the information above and links to resources and videos below can provide a little support when times may get tough:

Minded – Free e- training, advice and tips for parents and carers on how to address concerns and look after yourself

Heads Together: Online resources focusing on various mental health needs

Heads Together Video relating to Toxic Stress: Young people in care often experience toxic stress causing a heightened stress response in a situation other would find able to cope with: (video)

Anna Freud National Centre for Children & Families: resources promoting resilience and wellbeing in young people.

Young Minds – Supporting young people to feel empowered by ensuring mental health support, advice and guidance is available. Online information and helplines available for young people, parents and carers

Pooky Knightsmith: mental health educator and vice-chair or the Children and Young People’s Mental Health Coalition. Advice and videos available on her website cover a range of mental health diagnosis.

Children’s Rights