Supporting young people’s future, today.

Leading Surrey Charities merge to create best opportunities for young people.

The Eikon Charity always puts young people first: tailoring our support in response to their needs, their hopes and their issues and problems.

As a local charity delivering services to young people across Surrey at a time of unprecedented demand, combining our charity with The Lifetrain Trust secures a better future for all our young people, today.

September 2017: The Eikon Charity and The Lifetrain Trust sign an agreement to merge from October 2017

The Lifetrain Trust have operated in Surrey since 1950 and bring with them a legacy of professional and targeted youth delivery, from local outreach to youth work training.

Video of Lifetrain’s impact on young people

Lifetrain support around 2,000 young people each year, which combined with Eikon’s delivery, enables us to aim to support an estimated 16,000 young people across Surrey each year.

Eikon and Lifetrain have previously worked together to deliver outreach work, so we know our visions are aligned. As an integrated organisation, we will continue to deliver Eikon’s mission to ‘develop confident, thriving and resilient young adults who contribute positively to society’

Young people outside Eikon Fullbrook

We are delighted that alongside dedicated and professional staff and volunteers to support the growth of our combined frontline delivery, the following specific Lifetrain projects will continue:


In2View offers young people access to an intensive employability course that builds their knowledge of the skills needed to support their employability or progression to further education, Including CV writing, communication and interpersonal skills as well as a simulated Interview experience with business professionals.

“It made me realise the jobs I can get when I leave school are rubbish and the pay is lame. I need to go back and work a bit harder so I can do the course I want and be happy at college and have a better chance in the future”

Youth Achievement Awards

YAA support the development of a wide range of life skills by enabling young people to take a progressive level of responsibility in the planning, organising and leading activities for themselves and other young people. The YAA’s are a Peer Assessed Accreditation and are completely lead by young people themselves. The awards showcase many of the strengths in young people such as commitment, belief, self-evaluation, confidence, team work, individuality and a sense of ownership.

We will help you every step of the way, from planning your project to helping you create a portfolio of your work to organising training and a work placement for you. This could be the step that you need to make a future for yourself.

Youth Work in the Community

The ’Bus-Shelter ‘ outreach project continues in Spelthorne and Elmbridge. Utilising the years of experience gained in assessing need, engaging hard to reach young people and responding to community concerns, the team are able to develop programmes with the young people they meet. The project continues to focus on health and wellbeing, using the SNIPPETS© programme to offer positive interventions which are enjoyable as well as informative.

These projects extend and complement current frontline delivery across Surrey ensuring the new Eikon Charity has an even broader range of activities and opportunities to engage with and deliver change for young people across the county.

Inspiring young people. Transforming lives.