Volunteer Week Story by Julie Gillis

Julie Gillis – Trustee

During Volunteer Week we asked Julie, one of Eikon’s trustees, to reflect on her 4-year journey with the charity and share some of her experiences of positive impact in the lives of children and young people.

“As a trustee, I have seen the positive impact Eikon has on the lives of children and young people,” Julie shares. “As more children and young people than ever struggle with their emotional wellbeing, helping them at early stage is vital in preventing things getting worse and causing unnecessary harm. This is why I am so passionate about The Eikon Charity.”

Julie’s initial inspiration to get involved with Eikon was deeply personal: “A very close family member struggled with mental wellbeing throughout her teenage years,” she explains. “I felt the system had failed her, and I wanted to support a charity that could make a real difference to young people like her.”

Throughout her time as a trustee, Julie has experienced many rewarding moments, but one aspect that continually moves her is hearing the stories of the young people Eikon supports.

“I feel privileged to hear their stories. I am often moved to tears,” she says.

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Julie Gills

As both the Chair of the Engagement Committee on the board of trustees, and a special needs teaching assistant at the local school where Eikon has its headquarters, Julie witnesses firsthand the charity’s impact on children there. “Every day, I see not just students from the school benefiting from Eikon’s support but also children and young people from elsewhere visiting Eikon for help. Every one of them has a story that has had an impact on me.”

What motivates Julie to continue giving her time, commitment, and experience to Eikon is the increasing number of younger children looking for help and the realisation that many more are in need but cannot access support. “I am motivated by seeing increasing numbers of younger children seeking Eikon’s support and thinking of the others out there who also need support but cannot benefit because there are just not enough resources to go around,” she explains.

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Hurrah for Eikon’s volunteers!


When asked what she would say to someone considering volunteering with Eikon, Julie emphasises the invaluable difference volunteers can make. “Trustees have a very privileged role, but those who make the real difference are the volunteers who engage directly with the young people Eikon supports. We have some wonderful volunteers who give their time to work in the Eikon garden and some amazing mentors in schools. Volunteers can make a huge difference whilst benefiting themselves by knowing the impact they are making. Hurrah for Eikon’s volunteers!”


During Volunteer Week, we want to say thank you not only to Julie, but to all of our Trustees, and all of the volunteers that make a lasting impact on the mental health and emotional wellbeing of children and young people in Surrey.

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