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LGBTQ+ support for parents and carers

Support for LGBTQ+ young people

Fun and safe LGBTQ+ youth clubs


Eikon is committed to providing friendly, confidential and warm support to young people who identify as LGBTQ+ in Surrey and their families.

At Eikon, we understand the difficulties that LGBTQ+ young people can face in society; with too many experiencing isolation, bullying and family conflict or rejection, which can negatively impact their mental health.

Our approach involves collaborating with schools, professionals, parents, and guardians to ensure that we prioritise the perspectives and well-being of young people. We focus on empowering young people to navigate these challenges and discover safe communities where they can freely express themselves and experience the joy of feeling accepted.

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LGBTQ+ Youth Groups


Eikon’s LGBTQ+ Youth Groups are safe spaces for questions, support, discussions, activities and to make new friends. Our groups are completely free and open to all young people aged 11-18 (or up to 24 for young people with SEND) across Surrey who identify as LGBTQ+ or questioning.

Our current groups meet in Guildford every Wednesday evening from 6-8 PM. The sessions alternate between the 11-14 age group and the 15-17 age group. Additionally, we are in the process of developing an online group for individuals aged 18-24 with SEND. The dates of upcoming groups can be found below.

If your young person is interested in joining our youth groups, they can use the link below to register their interest or email for more details.

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LGBTQ+ Youth Group Dates

Dates of groups for 11-14 year olds

06th & 20th March 2024

17th April 2024

01st & 15th May 2024

05th & 19th June 2024

03rd & 17th July 2024

28th February 2024

13th & 27th March 2024

24th April 2024

08th & 22nd May 2024

12th & 26th June 2024

10th July 2024

One-to-One LGBTQ+ Focused Emotional Wellbeing Sessions


We also offer 8-10 LGBTQ+ focused emotional wellbeing sessions with one of our LGBTQ+ Practitioners. These 1:1 support sessions provide a confidential and supportive environment for young people to discuss emotions and experiences related to being part of the LGBTQ+ community. Topics include coming out, understanding and exploring identity, and addressing gender dysphoria.

These sessions aim to offer personalized support, guidance, and resources to help young people navigate these aspects of their lives. Sessions can be conducted online or in person at our therapy rooms in West Byfleet. They are available for young people aged 13-17, or 18-25 with SEND. Referrals can be made by the young person (if aged 13+), a parent or carer, or a professional such as a teacher.

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Trans+ group


We also run a trans+ group on the second Saturday of every month which aims to connect like-minded individuals and help them to access gender-affirming support and guidance. The trans+ group provides a safe and inclusive space for non-binary, trans and gender questioning young people to build a supportive community together, the dates for upcoming groups can be found below.

If your young person is interested in joining our youth groups, they can use the link below to register their interest or email for more details.

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Trans+ Youth Group Dates

Dates of groups for Year 7-9

1-2pm, 9th March 2024

1-2pm, 13th April 2024

1-2pm, 11th May 2024

1-2pm, 8th June 2024

1-2pm, 13th July 2024

1-2pm, 10th August 2024

1-2pm, 7th September 2024

1-2pm, 12th October 2024

1-2pm, 9th November 2024

1-2pm, 07th December 2024

2-3pm, 9th March 2024

2-3pm, 13th April 2024

2-3pm, 11th May 2024

2-3pm, 8th June 2024

2-3pm, 13th July 2024

2-3pm, 10th August 2024

2-3pm, 7th September 2024

2-3pm, 12th October 2024

2-3pm, 9th November 2024

2-3pm, 07th December 2024

Useful links for LGBTQ+ support


If you or someone you know need support immediately, you may find these websites helpful.


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Watch this space

We have lots of exciting new projects coming soon, including:
  • Additional LGBTQ+ online groups
  • Workshops for parents and carers, allies, and supporters of LGBTQ+ young people
  • Collaborations with other organisations and charities

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