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Eikon in my community

Eikon in my community

You’ll find us supporting children and young people in lots of different places across Surrey including schools, community groups, youth clubs, online, and many more…


Find some of the places Eikon works below:

Counselling and wellbeing support

Wellbeing support in school

LGBTQ+ youth clubs

Summer transitions project

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Counselling and wellbeing support

We provide free confidential counselling and emotional support to young people who may need help in coping with difficult personal, family and emotional problems. These services can currently only be accessed through the Mindworks Surrey service. A referral must be made by any health, education and social care practitioners, for example GPs and teachers. Once a referral has been made it will be assessed and the referral service will find the right help.

At Eikon we have a range of qualified professionals providing emotional wellbeing and mental health support for children and young people. We will make sure that all young people accessing our service will see the right person based on their individual needs.

Our practitioners use a range of focused, evidence-based interventions that will suit the young person and the issues and worries they have. This will range from low-intensity support and guided self-help, to face-to-face or online counselling.

Every single practitioner is friendly and will do everything possible to make sure that you are happy seeing us. They all go through a process of interview, DBS checks and training before they start supporting any young person and are supported themselves by experienced supervisors.

If you are offered an appointment with our team we will talk to you about the best time and place to meet, this may be virtually or face to face. At your first appointment you will meet someone from our team who will talk to you to find out about your worries and what has been difficult for you. The first appointment usually takes about an hour.

As well as providing a counselling support service to young people, Eikon manages the contract for counselling services delivered in local communities through our partners Learning Space, Relate West Surrey, Step by Step, YMCA East Surrey, East to West, The Matrix Trust and Leatherhead Youth Project. These are delivered as part of Mindworks Surrey services. As part of the referral process you may be contacted by Eikon who may suggest you see someone from one of our partner organisations.

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Wellbeing support in school

Eikon delivers a range of different emotional wellbeing and mental health support services in schools, focusing on prevention and early intervention.

We have qualified professionals working in schools to support students, as well as working with schools to improve whole school wellbeing.

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LGBTQ+ youth clubs

Eikon’s LGBTQ+ Youth Groups are safe spaces for questions, support, discussions, activities and to make new friends. Our groups are completely free and open to all young people aged 11-18 (or up to 24 for young people and SEND) across Surrey who identify as LGBTQ+ or questioning.

LGBTQ+ support

Summer Transitions Project in Elmbridge

The Summer Transitions Project helps 25 young people in Year 6 build their resilience and enhance their wellbeing. We want all young people to feel less anxious about the transition from primary to secondary school.

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