Early Intervention

We strongly believe in early intervention by helping young people overcome difficult issues before they become long-term damaging problems.

Our theory of change stems from the belief that by providing young people with the right support at the right time, we will achieve outcomes such as improved confidence, resilience, aspirations and overall well-being. Our Youth Specialist programme and its outcomes have been independently evaluated by The Brathay Trust.

The first outcome of Eikon’s work, helping young people to develop their awareness of themselves and their situation, was found to be the foundation of the other outcomes.

When these outcome are achieved, what follows are improved attitudes and behaviours, stronger relationships with family and friends, improved attendance and attainment in school and, ultimately, enhanced employment prospects.

Eikon’s Vision

The Eikon Charity’s vision is to develop confident, thriving and resilient young adults who contribute positively to society.

Eikon’s Ambition

We want Eikon to stand out through the impact we have on the young people we support and to be recognised as a leading expert in the field. We want to grow our services so that more young people have access to high quality support when and wherever they need it. We are committed to continuous improvement in all that we do.

All our programmes are based on three simple and essential principles:

Being Preventative:

We are proactive and aim to get involved before problems escalate. This differentiates us from many other service providers who tend to focus on crisis management not prevention.

Being Relational:

We provide intensive, unconditional and personal support for young people wherever, when, and for as long as they need it, whatever their needs.

No Wrong Door’:

We provide support across any subject matter with no form filling or waiting lists.