Corporate Support

We want to form lasting active partnerships with companies who share our values and who want to help young people thrive.

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“We understand, more than ever, that not everybody has the start in life that we enjoyed. Eikon is an awesome team that proactively helps less fortunate young people in our local communities. As well as being involved directly with the charity, we want to raise as much awareness as possible for them.”

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Why support Eikon?

We are grateful for the support we receive from small businesses, larger companies and our wider local community.  For Surrey based companies there is no better way to make a difference to young people, improving their wellbeing and giving them the resilience they need to thrive – at home, at work and at play.

5 benefits of charity partnerships:

  1. Improved staff wellbeing
  2. Increased job satisfaction
  3. Better employee retention
  4. Team-building opportunities
  5. Corporate citizenship builds brand


Demand for our support is higher than ever. The COVID-19 pandemic has provoked a pervasive sense of loss, isolation and uncertainty in young people and feelings of anxiety, depression and despair like never before. If nothing changes, the human costs will be formidable. Eikon’s purpose has never been more relevant.

We are investing in the future generation

Children’s services in Surrey are so stretched that a young person can reach crisis point before professional services have responded to a referral. Eikon believes in prevention and helping early on before a crisis develops. With your help, we can ensure that this generation – your future employees, are mentally healthy and thriving.

We work with your colleagues’ and customers’ children:

89% of Surrey secondary schools are using our materials to improve young people’s wellbeing and resilience – so your support will likely benefit children that you know.

The benefits to you

Visible impact: As a local charity your support will have a positive impact in the community and employees will be able to see first-hand, the difference they are making to young people’s lives.

Employee engagement opportunities:  There are many benefits to be gained when employees are engaged in charity partnerships. Volunteering can improve wellbeing, contribute to personal development goals and improve staff retention.  We offer a range of employee engagement opportunities (listed below).

Communications & publicity: We have a dedicated communications lead and a growing social media following.  We would work with you to identify relevant communication opportunities including press exposure where relevant.

Knowledge & expertise: With 25 years’ experience, we are experts in promoting emotional wellbeing. We can help organisations to promote wellbeing and resilience strategies at work and at home.

Dedicated team: Being a small charity, you can expect a personal touch from our fundraisers and staff who are very passionate about and personally invested in the work we do.

Ways you can support Eikon

Charity of the Year

Adopt Eikon as your Charity of the Year and we can put together a bespoke partnership package that contributes to your CSR goals



Request our fundraising pack today for all the resources you will need to make any fundraising activity a success.


Team challenges are a great way to boost staff morale and support a great cause at the same time. Eikon has places available in some of Surrey’s most iconic challenge events as well as our own challenges.  We also partner with Charity Challenge to bring you no end of team adventures both at home and abroad.



Did you know ‘Giving’ is one of the 5 ways to Wellbeing? Give a donation of any size today and we promise to ensure every penny counts.

Cause related marketing

Donating a percentage of your sales or your annual turnover has never been easier. Sign up to give via our partner site Work for Good

Payroll Giving

Employees can opt into a regular pre-tax donation through their payroll which could then be matched by the company.  Depending on the level of tax they pay, there could be tax relief benefits for them too.  

Corporate Grants

We are a growing charity and have a range of innovative funding opportunities. Please invite us to apply to your corporate foundation if you think Eikon would be a good fit.

Engaging staff & employees


Browse our range of volunteering opportunities including a volunteer mentoring programme and skills sharing such as fundraising or marketing support.

Sharing expertise

Help us inspire and motivate young people as well as their schools and carers by contributing content to our Virtual Youth Clubs, Parent Webinars and Schools Wellbeing resources.

In Kind

In-Kind Contributions

Could your company or organisation provide us with free venues, office space, content for our Virtual Youth Club or free products and services?



Could you connect us with any of your clients or partners?  Or mention Eikon at events or webinars? We could provide a speaker to say a few words about the charity.

Marketing & Social Media

Follow us on Social Media, share our posts and mention us in relevant posts.


would enable us to train 40 volunteer mentors to provide weekly emotional support to a young person who is struggling.


would contribute towards a Youth Specialist to provide one-to-one and group work to young people in schools.


would help us to extend our Virtual Youth Club EikOnline, providing a vital lifeline for children aged 11-17

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