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Young Person Volunteer Gardener

When I first came to Eikon, it wasn’t because I needed help, but I started going more and more because I could be myself when I was there. Everyone was really accepting; if I needed a question answered, or help in any way, they would always help me out.

Before I came to Eikon, I was feeling quite sad and bored because I felt like I couldn’t be myself around people, and that I would be called a weirdo if I did. Everyone at Eikon is amazing and they understand each other. You can just be yourself.

We did the RHS Green Planet, which really helped with my confidence as we won first place. It made me feel like I was part of something and could do things I didn’t know I could do.

When I’m older, I want to do something with computers and creating digital graphics. Eikon has helped me realise that I like computers quite a lot.

Find people you feel comfortable around and start opening up to them, and if they accept you, then be friends with them for a long time. That’s what I found here and why I enjoy Eikon and the garden club so much.

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