Emma’s story

A parent supported by Lily, Early Intervention Coordinator

I spoke to my son’s school when we’d reached a crisis point with his behaviour, and they kindly referred us to Eikon.

My son would have a lot of outbursts that would come from nowhere. He was also suffering with anxiety, so would get stomach ache on the way to school. He struggled with going to parties and having playdates, and wasn’t making connections as well as he could with his friends because they weren’t quite sure what his behaviours were going to be.

Eikon made us feel like we had a path to follow. We weren’t stuck, we had a plan. Lily helped us to forgive ourselves for things that we thought we were doing wrong, and we didn’t feel like we were on our own. It was really nice to have someone to confide in, to get some sensible advice, and look at how to model behaviours for our son so that he had something to follow.

If you’re offered the opportunity to work with Eikon, do it. Put any pride or fear of failure aside, go with it and do what they suggest. They know what they’re talking about. It’s changed our lives for definite.



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Parents and carers sometimes need support to help children and young people. We empathise with the pressures of modern life and are compelled to help without judgement.

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