James and Nikki’s story

Parents supported by Lily, Early Intervention Coordinator

James and Nikki had been struggling with getting their young daughter to sleep at night and were referred to Eikon via her school.

“During the day, she was our gorgeous, happy, beautiful girl,” Nikki says, “and then bedtime came, and she just changed. She would run around and refuse to go to sleep until 10, 11 o’clock at night. And then she’d be up every hour. She just wasn’t sleeping, and it impacted on school because she was so tired.”

It was all-consuming,” James says. “Every conversation was about how we could improve her sleeping. We struggled to find a way to make it better, until the charity came along and gave us some support.”

James and Nikki had weekly Zoom sessions with Lily, one of our Early Intervention Coordinators, who helped them develop strategies to try with their daughter.

“We say Eikon saved us,” Nikki says. “We implemented the strategies with our daughter, and it worked. It was incredible.”

“She now goes to bed happily on her own,” James adds. “She’s getting a healthy amount of sleep, which is helping her learn better. I was probably a little sceptical to start with, but after the first session and seeing the results we got, I was sold on it quite quickly. The results show it was worthwhile.”



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