Jamie’s story

Supported by Tracy, Emotional Wellbeing Practitioner (specialist in supporting LGBTQ+ young people)


Honestly, I’m not sure how I came to meet Tracy. I was referred by my head of year because I was questioning my gender and my dad didn’t really understand. My mum came into school, changed my name and I was very excited for that. My dad, however, didn’t really understand and thinks I need to have some space to talk this through.

We met weekly for a few weeks and talked about a lot of different things. Mainly about my relationship with my mum – it’s really complicated because she left me with my dad. I spent our sessions really talking about how to manage overthinking and find different ways to respond so I am prepared. As for my gender questions… I’ve found myself opening up to my dad a lot about our questions and helping him understand my journey. I’ve had lots of different conversations with my dad, talking about language and gender and he really has begun to understand my journey. He even calls me by my chosen name at home and is using the correct pronouns more. The conversations we had really helped our relationship and helped me feel safer and more accepted.

The support from Tracy was incredible. I had a safe space where I could be real about what was going on. I was able to talk through things, find different ways of responding and gained a big
understanding of myself, the language I use and how I can share my journey with other people. I know I can talk with my dad now because he’s understanding my journey and I feel so much safer. I know that overthinking isn’t a bad thing, it’s a preparation thing, and this is really helpful. I know I have safe people to talk with and who will be there to help my dad understand when I can’t. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for the support Tracy gave me and my dad – it has gone a long way in our relationship, and I now have lots of ways I can find help.



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Jamie and her friend wrapped in Pride flag

Jamie’s dad says…

I am so thankful that Jamie has had some space to talk through what’s going on and find understanding. When I first heard about the support, I was pretty sceptical and felt like Jamie was really too young to understand or make these decisions. I am, however, very, very grateful for the support they have received. We have had many conversations about non-binary, gender expression and pronouns, and I am willing to admit that I still don’t know everything, but I am further along in my understanding now than I was. The sessions that Jamie had helped them to help me, and we now have many conversations about their journey. I am now using Jamie’s chosen name and pronouns and they seem so much happier. Your support to help Jamie talk about this and share things with those around them has been so valuable and I am thankful to have my happy young person back.

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