Lauren’s story

Supported by Sarah, Youth Support Practitioner

Lauren started getting support from Eikon when she was in Year 7, to help her cope with an unstable home life. She had recently moved in with her dad and stepmum, having been taken out of the care of her mum, who had struggled with alcohol addiction.

“At the time, I was almost oblivious to the bad side of it because I’d grown up with it being normal,” Lauren says.

“But then I moved in with my dad and my stepmum, and I could see the bad side of alcohol and understand what it does to people like my mum.

I would speak to Sarah quite a bit, whether it was about anything personal, or was just at break or lunch. I started to realise it was helping me when I was actually able to open up to other people as well, not just my family and Sarah or my teachers.”

By providing a safe space to talk, Sarah helped Lauren to grow her confidence in getting involved with activities both inside and outside of school, including joining her school’s basketball team.

“Now I feel a lot better than when I first moved here and first started school,” Lauren says.

“Do talk to someone if you can. It’s not going to be easy, but do talk to someone because, in the long run, they can help you.”



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