Lottie’s story

Supported by Claire, Youth Support Practitioner

I’ve always had anxiety and I’ve been bullied since I was little. It still goes on now, but I find it easier to cope with now that I’m with Eikon.

I started doing sessions with Claire when I was in Year 7, and then began to help in the garden. Before then I would go hide away at lunch times. I felt quite lonely and different to everyone else, so knowing that I can come to garden club or talk to people at Eikon makes a big difference for me. Eikon was a massive help from the start. The garden is somewhere I can go just to relax, and Claire is an amazing person to talk to.

I struggle with big groups of people, particularly at school. But at garden club, it is easier to talk to people and get my voice heard. It’s a really big thing, and Eikon helped me discover that.

I’m looking forward to passing school, seeing Eikon thrive with all the hard work that we’ve done at garden club, and maybe less of the bullying in the future, because no one deserves to go through that.



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Lottie at gardening club

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