Smart Moves® for College

We are excited to launch Smart Moves® for College to Surrey Sixth Form and Colleges. It is an online programme available for all students and staff and can be used by everyone, in different situations.

  • Students can access the resources independently
  • Conversations and activities can be facilitated by tutors
  • Use Smart Moves for one2one pastoral support
  • Use the resources for Resilience and Wellbeing seminar sessions
  • Promote Smart Moves around the college with the poster attached
  • Add to your student portal for students to access
  • Find ways to engage parents with the resources
  • Run staff sessions on Resilience using the resources

The activities in this resource are shaped by the Resilience Framework, devised by Professor Angie Hart and collaborators at the University of Brighton and BoingBoing.

Smart Moves® for College website:

Overview for Staff:

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