Downing Street Reception for Eikon

Eikon CEO Chris Hickford and Chair Jenny Griffiths OBE with Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer and MP for Runnymede and Weybridge

We had a wonderful evening at the end of February when we were guests of the Chancellor of the Exchequer at 11 Downing Street. Eikon’s constituency MP, Philip Hammond, hosted this prestigious event in which we were able to thank our current supporters and introduce new potential donors to Eikon’s work.

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Eikon CEO Chris-Hickford and Chair Jenny Griffiths OBE with Philip Hammond

The room was packed, as two ‘Eikoniks’ (young people helped by Eikon) told their immensely powerful life stories. They explained the almost unimaginable circumstances they’d experienced and how they’d been helped by Eikon’s dedicated staff. The impact on all those in the room was deeply moving and inspirational. Jenny Griffiths and Chris Hickford, Eikon’s Chair and CEO respectively, explained Eikon’s founding story, the reason for our existence and the principles and values that underpins all that we do.

Chris explained that early intervention and strong and trusted relationships with young people are the key ingredients that power the transformation we see in young people. Eikon is incredibly passionate that these principles remain at the core of every service offered to young people. Eikon will continue to lead with courage, resolve and by example in promoting prevention and the strong bonds that young people need if they are to thrive.

The Chancellor also gave a very powerful endorsement of Eikon: “Over the past twenty years, I have seen Eikon grow from the small charity it started out as (the New Haw Youth Project), to the great charity it is today. This year, Eikon will support 15,000 young people across 132 schools.”

He commended Eikon for being well run and retaining the passion and commitment to the wellbeing of young people throughout the twenty years. He encouraged those who were curious about Eikon’s work to become committed donors to it.

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