Smart Moves Training

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Smart Moves Training


Welcome to your Smart Moves Training

We want this training to be as thought provoking and interesting as possible for you.  Our resources and videos have therefore been designed to inspire you and get you thinking and reflecting, about what resilience is and how you can deliver this training. Smart Moves® is an inclusive programme for all year 6 and 7 classes. We can never be ‘resilient enough’ and nor can we prevent or predict difficulties and challenges young people may face. With Smart Moves® we want to support young people in finding their own answers around what resilience means to them. In order to facilitate this, we would like to invite you first of all to take time to reflect on the material included and how it relates to your own resilience in order for you to develop your own understanding and skills around the subject.

How to use the training material

There are links to all of the resources and videos below. Please download the student books and teacher guides or view them before you start and continue to reference as you complete the training.

The objectives of this training are to:

  • Understand the importance of resilience and how to develop it
  • Understand the background and context of the Smart Moves Programme
  • Become familiar with content and delivery style of Smart Moves
  • Be fully prepared to deliver the Smart Moves Programme


We suggest that you watch the videos in sequence, starting with the HeadStart video ‘What is Resilience’ and followed by the four Smart Moves training videos and the reading of a Short Guide to Building Resilience.

The Short Guide to Building Resilience is best read after Video 3 and is designed to prompt your personal reflection on the questions and to engage you to think differently about resilience in your school.

For further reading, we recommend that you become familiar with the Resilience Framework (see link below)

Training Videos

Before you start the training please have your teacher guide with you or click here to open an online version

HeadStart Conference 2015 video- a young person’s view on ‘What is Resilience and Why does it matter’: “What is Resilience“.

Training Video 1 Smart Moves: The Difference

Training Video 2 Smart Moves: What is it?

Training Video 3 Smart Moves: Building resilience

A Short Guide to Building Resilience

Training Video 4 Smart Moves: How to deliver

What have you learnt? Take our Learning quiz to see if you are ready to deliver Smart Moves.

Next Steps

Smart Moves® gives you great content but ‘how’ you deliver it is what can make all the difference. A safe learning environment is key in order for you and your students to get the most out of the training. For our advice on how to do this well please read our guide here

The Teacher Pack  (Year 7 view here, Year 6 view here)  gives full details about the background of Smart Moves and the delivery and advice on adaptations for SEN and LAC young people. Please contact us for more details.


We want Smart Moves to keep improving, therefore we would really welcome your feedback. Please click here to complete a short survey.

Would you like to train others?

You may want to train other colleagues in Smart Moves, all your resources can be found here.

Please complete the training for yourself before training others and read the Training Others Guide. We also strongly recommend that you download the Teacher Guide and student books before any group training so the staff have them at hand to get the most out of the training session.

You can either send the link for this page to staff to complete on their own or for stronger engagement, which we recommend, you can use the training presentation, watch the videos as a group and use the questions and activities as group work.

If you would like to use this training in other contexts please contact us to find out more

Resources for training

Training Presentation Note: you will need to show the videos online at the appropriate slide.

Training Others Guide

A Short Guide to Building Resilience

View student and teacher packs online

Printable Material

Smart Moves – Creating a safe learning enviroment

Resilience Framework

Resilient Person Infographic


We recommend that you send out the letter to Parents (included in your downloadable pack) and the Resilient Person Infographic to engage parents on the importance of building resilience. We suggest that you keep books in school until the programme is finished. Smart Moves allows children to explore tools and ideas to build their own resilience and is not designed to be a parent-led programme.

School staff

We recommend letting the rest of the school know what Smart Moves is and have developed this poster to help you. Smart Moves is part of a whole school approach and through your example, your colleagues may well be able to adapt and implement elements from Smart Moves into their classes.

Optional Further Reading

Resilient Therapy 

Boingboing Academic Resilience Approach 

Green Paper Transforming children and young people’s mental health provision


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