Smart Moves® Year 6, 7 & 8

Smart Moves® began when schools shared with us that they were experiencing an ‘anxiety-epidemic’ around transition. These resources have been specifically designed to increase resilience, and are particularly focused on helping students to prepare for the transition from primary to secondary school. It is a flexible programme and can be delivered in a variety of formats to meet the needs of your school.

Before using the resources we recommend that any staff involved with delivery complete the online training. This will ensure that the resources are used to their full potential to create a successful programme for your students.

You can browse the Smart Moves® Year 6 & Year 7 Student Books and Teacher Guides here

Year 6

We know from our work with schools that the transition from Year 6 to Year 7 can be a stressful time for young people. The Year 6 student books are a great place for students to explore thoughts and feelings as well as providing a useful long-term resource to refer back to in times of stress.

Year 6 Suggested Programme Structure: – 15 x 30 min sessions

Year 7

Year 7 can be a difficult time for young people as they start secondary school, Smart Moves® is a resource which equips students with life-long resilience skills – helping them to learn how to cope when things are tough.

Year 7 Suggested Programme Structure: – 24 x 15 min sessions (ideally suited for tutor time) or 12 x 30 min sessions

Year 8

Smart Moves® for Year 8 has been designed to help you keep the momentum of learning and sharing together to build resilience and foster good relationships. It is a follow on programme and therefore assumes staff and student knowledge from the Year 7 sessions. If you have not yet completed Smart Moves in Year 7 then please start with that programme.

To keep these sessions easily accessible, some ideas require more preparation and your own preferred interpretation.