Smart Moves – Building Resilience


Smart Moves is a programme of evidence-based short sessions to give young people in Year 6 and 7 small learn-able skills (Smart Moves) that increase resilience.

Over the last 2 years Smart Moves has been rolled out across schools in Surrey, Stafford, Middlesbrough and Sussex and can now be found in 15 different counties across the UK.

New independent research by Royal Holloway University of London shows that school based programmes such as Smart Moves can significantly improve resiliency for young people. This is exciting news for schools keen to positively impact young people’s resilience, behaviour and progress.  Smart Moves Assessment Report

Smart Moves Year 6 & 7

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The Year 6 and 7 programmes are independent and complimentary making Smart Moves a flexible resource deliverable in a variety of formats to meet the needs of the school.

  • Year 6: –  15 x 30 min sessions
  • Year 7: –  24 x 15 min sessions (ideally suited for tutor time) or 12 x 30 min sessions

The additional benefit of a cross phase programme is that it creates of a common language and a sense of continuity across the year 6/7 transition.

Students receive their own book as a place to explore thoughts and feelings, as well as providing a useful long term resource for times of stress. You can browse these and the Teacher guides online here.

Smart Moves  – Year 8

We now have a follow on programme available for Year 8 groups. This is funded for Surrey schools, if you are a Surrey school you can order your downloadable resources here. For schools outside of Surrey you can order the resources at our Smart Moves Shop.

Smart Moves Follow-on Sessions have been designed to help you keep the momentum of learning and sharing together to build resilience and foster good relationships. It stands on the existing work you have already done and therefore assumes staff and student knowledge from these Year 7 sessions. To keep these sessions easily accessible some ideas require more preparation and your own preferred interpretation.

If you haven’t completed Smart Moves in Year 7 then please start with that programme. Please refresh your training using the online training resources (see link above).

Please note that the Year 8 Programme does not include student work books, all resources are downloadable and printable. (Resources include Teacher Guide, Slide Pack and Printables).

Smart Moves for College – Resilience Skills 

We are excited to launch Smart Moves for College to Surrey Sixth Form and Colleges. 

It is an online programme available for all students and staff and can be used by everyone, in different situations 

It teaches resilience skills that can be used through college and beyond. 

  • Students can access the resources independently  
  • Conversations and activities can be facilitated by tutors
  • Use Smart Moves for one2one pastoral support
  • Use the resources for Resilience and Wellbeing seminar sessions
  • Promote Smart Moves around the college with the poster attached
  • Add to your student portal for students to access
  • Find ways to engage parents with the resources
  • Run staff sessions on Resilience using the resources 

The activities in this resource are shaped by the Resilience Framework, devised by Professor Angie Hart and collaborators at the University of Brighton and BoingBoing. 

Smart Moves website 

Overview for Staff: 

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Evidence based

Smart Moves is an engaging, interactive and easy to use programme for the classroom which has been developed in consultation with teachers and young people and is based on the Resilience Framework (Hart and Blincow) and the school resources developed and published with Hove Park School, Boing-boing and YoungMinds. Many thanks to them for allowing us to use their material.

The training explains the theory behind the material and how to deliver the program. Thanks to grant funding we are able to offer funded Surrey training this academic year as well as a limited fund to cover student books. Teacher packs include full lesson plans, material lists and resources for staff.

For other areas in the UK the cost of 32 Smart Moves books and a teacher guide is £54 for Year 6 and £64 for Year 7, including delivery. For more information on Smart Moves, online or local training please contact us at


Smart Moves equips young people with a range of “smart moves” they can make when things get tough. Thus increasing the protective factors in their lives and helping them to thrive.

Smart Moves topics from the Resilience Framework

The Smart Moves Programme helps students to develop life long resilience which helps address some common anxieties when transitioning from year 6 to year 7 and into Year 8. Using consistent language and models across the school phases helps young people to embed the newly learned resilience skills.

More Information

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Funded by the Surrey Child and Adolescent Mental Health Transformation Programme
In partnership with Brighton University Centre for Health Research and boing-boing