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School transition resources to secondary

Smart Moves®

An evidence-based programme in a book to help build skills that increase resilience. Pupils find it engaging, interactive and easy to use.


Smart Moves® is an invaluable pupil programme, designed uniquely for schools. It is instrumental in preparing pupils in Years 6, 7 and 8 for transition, supporting their move from Primary to Secondary by equipping them with a range of small learnable skills or “Smart Moves”. They will learn resilience skills to grow their confidence, increase the protective factors in their lives and improve their ability to cope with change so they are able to thrive.

Smart Moves® – Next Steps is the newest addition to our programmes – adapted for pupils with SEND.

Programme content:
  • Includes varied and interesting topics
  • Is flexible and adaptable and does not need to be delivered in a linear manner
  • Contains multiple sessions deliverable as long or short as required
  • Is ideal for tutor time
  • Makes it easy for staff to freely pick and choose topics to lead on, making it relevant
  • Uses consistent language and models across the different school stages to help pupils embed the new skills
  • Addresses common worries pupils often face when transitioning
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Programme delivery:

Staff deliver this programme to pupil groups through varied topics in a workbook and by facilitating group discussion.

Smart Moves® is designed to be delivered by a teacher or tutor in the classroom.

Smart Moves® Next Steps is best delivered by teachers, SENCos or Learning Support Assistants that have experience of running targeted group work.

Pupils – each receive their own private individual workbook to write in and keep at the end, not meant to be read or marked by teachers or parents.

Teachers – one teacher guidebook accompanies each class pack ordered, to help staff facilitate the sessions and support pupils as they work through the different topics covered.

Eikon is the sole supplier of this resource. We currently deliver to UK & Ireland only.

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We recommend you view our Smart Moves® in Action videos before delivering the programme.


Smart Moves® Next Steps (SEND) & Years 6

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Next Steps (SEND) programme

For Years 5 & 6 SEND pupils preparing for transition to Secondary.

This programme follows the same themes as the original Year 6 programme, enabling pupils to join their peers in discussions around secondary school outside of their Smart Moves® session.


  • 15 x A5 pupil workbooks
  • 1 x A4 teacher guidebook

Suggested delivery:

flexible in timing and topics to suit each individual class (guideline is 15 x 30min sessions).


Currently funded and free of charge for Surrey schools. £40.00 per class pack for schools outside of Surrey.

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Year 6 programme

For Year 6 pupils preparing to transition from Primary to Secondary.

A great place for students to explore thoughts and feelings as well as providing a useful, long-term resource to refer to in times of stress.


  • 32 x A5 pupil workbooks
  • 1 x A4 teacher guidebook

Suggested delivery:

15 x 30min sessions


Currently funded and free of charge for Surrey schools. £54.00 per class pack for schools outside of Surrey.

Smart Moves® Years 7 & 8

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Year 7 programme

For Year 7 pupils who have just transitioned to Secondary.

Equips students with life-long resilience skills. helping them to learn how to cope when things are tough.


  • 32 x A5 pupil workbooks
  • 1 x A4 teacher guidebook

Suggested delivery:

24 x 15 min sessions (ideally suited for tutor time) or 12 x 30 min sessions.


Currently funded and free of charge for Surrey schools. £64.00 per class pack for schools outside of Surrey.

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Year 8 programme

A follow-on resource for Year 8 pupils designed to help keep the momentum of learning and sharing going through discussion. This helps pupils continue to build resilience and to foster good relationships.

This consolidating resource is only available for pupils who have already completed the Year 7 Programme.

Contents (available as a downloadable pack only):

  • 1 x teacher guidebook containing 14 topics for discussion. Some ideas require preparation time and your own preferred interpretation.
  • 1 x PowerPoint presentation
  • 1 x A4 printable problem flow chart

Suggested delivery:

14 x 20-30min sessions.


Currently available free of charge to ALL schools in and outside of Surrey who have ordered the Year 7 resource within the last 3 years.

Origins, basis and framework


Smart Moves® was originally created when schools shared with us that they were experiencing an ‘anxiety-epidemic’ around transition. Developed in consultation with teachers and young people, this resource was specifically created for schools as a programme for teachers to deliver to whole pupil groups in their classroom integrating it with their schools’ schedule.

Basis and framework

Smart Moves® programmes are based on the Resilience Framework (developed by Prof. Angie Hart and Dr. Derek Blincow, with help from Helen Thomas and a group of parents and practitioners) and the resources produced with Hove Park School, Boing-boing and Young Minds.

SEND edition

Smart Moves® Next Steps is our newest Smart Moves® programme, launched in 2023 as an edition to support children with special educational needs and disabilities transition to secondary school.

Created in collaboration with outreach workers from Surrey Autism Outreach Service and SENCos from Surrey primary and junior schools, this programme has been adapted to include clearer imagery, explicit instructions, and greater emphasis on supporting change.

Smart Moves® Next Steps can support smaller groups of pupils that have SEND, attend nurture / ELSA groups and that would benefit from a softer approach to supporting transitions.

Smart Moves® in action


The Eikon Charity specifically commissioned Royal Holloway University of London to conduct independent research into the Smart Moves® programme and materials.

We wanted to know, “Can Smart Moves® really make a difference?”

The resulting assessment report produced by Dr Watling and her team at the University showed:

  • School-based programmes such as Smart Moves® can significantly improve resiliency for young people.
  • Where there is success in enhancing resiliency, it can positively impact both wellbeing and behaviour. Read the full report here.
  • Both teachers and pupils felt that through using Smart Moves® they were able to build confidence around their capability (e.g. transition to secondary school, dealing with new situations, building friendships and being able to cope when they began to worry).
  • Children reported they were better able to communicate about feelings, to understand how others may be feeling and to engage in conflict resolution.


Watching the videos below will give you a helpful insight into understanding more about Smart Moves® as you prepare to deliver the programme.

The main objective for staff delivering is to support young people in finding their own answers around what resilience means to them. As training for this programme is offered in the teacher guidebook provided, we suggest you become familiar with the content and style and reflect on your own resilience skills as you prepare to deliver the programme.

We suggest you watch the following videos in sequence.

There is also a video specifically for our Next Steps Programme:

Smart Moves Next Steps (SEND): top tips for delivery


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Smart Moves: A Pupil’s View
Smart Moves: A Teacher’s View
Smart Moves: An Overview of Resilience
Smart Moves: Top Tips for Delivery

Smart Moves® FAQs

If you have a specific question that is not covered below, please contact us at

What year groups are Smart Moves® programmes aimed at?

Years 5 & 6 SEND pupils preparing to transition from Primary to Secondary school.

Year 6 pupils preparing to transition from Primary to Secondary school.

Year 7 pupils who have just transitioned to Secondary school.

Year 8 pupils – a follow-on resource for use after completing the Year 7 programme.

The programme is relevant for young people in Year 5 and 6 with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) as they head towards school transition. It aims to help them learn how to consider and cope with many real-world situations they may face.

Our brand-new SEND version (called Smart Moves® Next Steps) has been adapted from the original Year 6 book to provide greater inclusivity in relation to images, relationship building and problem solving. The programme can be started in Year 5 and each topic can be differentiated depending on the needs of the group.

Any officially recognised school that teaches Year 5, 6, 7 or 8 pupils.

No. The Smart Moves® programme is only available for schools to order.

No. We require an official school address to be supplied on the order form. We do not deliver to personal or home addresses.

For schools in the UK & Ireland who are purchasing this resource, an invoice will be sent to you via email upon receipt of a completed order.

We are currently only able to deliver to the UK and Ireland.

For any queries, please contact

Additional Teacher guidebooks can be ordered if needed. Simply submit a new order form here, (provide link to order form). selecting the total individual number of books required and we will send these out to you once your order has been processed.

Please contact

Yes – the flexible approach means topics do not have to be delivered in a linear manner. The length of sessions can also be adapted to last 15 – 30mins to suit, giving classes the opportunity to work through a programme of exercises, covering different topics in the most relevant order. Teachers can pick and choose which topics to lead on, making this extremely adaptable and relevant. The sessions are discussion based, practical and can be differentiated based on the needs of the group.

The programme can also be delivered in a variety of formats to successfully meet the needs of your school. We currently offer physical (colour paperback) booklets. If your school requires a different format to the standard booklet, please contact to discuss.

Smart Moves® can be run in PSHE classes across the year group.

Other professionals in your school can deliver Smart Moves® if required. However, it is good to consider the trusted relationship that is built between teacher/tutor and young people during the Smart Moves® sessions. This is a valuable relationship and therefore the programme delivery often sits most effectively with class teachers / tutors.

The programme was featured in ‘Children and Young People Now’ in February 2019 as an effective case study in building resilience in the transition from Primary to Secondary. Read the article here.

You may find that you have more material than you need (or have time to complete) in a single session. We would encourage you to prioritise great conversations within your class rather than pressing on to the next activity. If you are able, put aside and pick up activities not yet covered on another day.

We recommend that you use it with groups of pupils only, as part of the whole school approach as it was designed to involve class discussions. Preparing pupils with resiliency skills better prepares them to cope when faced with adversity or challenges.

This programme is inclusive for all pupils. We can’t predict or prevent what will happen in a student’s life and therefore everyone can benefit from learning resilience skills.

This programme was designed with the specific aim of providing a resource programme that schools could uniquely call their own and offer to their pupils that would not be delivered or duplicated elsewhere. We therefore do not advocate the use of this resource for intervention purposes.

It has been rolled out across schools in Surrey, Stafford, Middlesbrough and Sussex and can now be found in 30 different counties across the UK.

The Year 6 Smart Moves® books have been updated with a new look. Based on feedback received we made changes to both the design and activities. These now have an improved focus on real world situations facing young people when they move up to secondary school, including healthy habits around online activity.

Eikon – who is the sole provider of this programme – is a registered charity based in Surrey that received funding from MindWorks, Surrey Wellbeing Partnership to provide Smart Moves® for all Surrey Schools. We also offer Smart Moves® to schools outside of this area, at a price which allows us to cover the cost of materials, updates and administration, which are not covered by funding.

Smart Moves® supports young people with resilience building skills for life and not just around transition. Therefore, it is a great starting point for a whole school approach to building resilience and wellbeing. Teachers and tutors can adopt a new language around, “what is a Smart Move here?” and reference the tools provided throughout a young person’s school experience to embed the learning. Please contact if you would like to know more about what resources Eikon can offer regarding a whole school approach.

No. But we do encourage you to tell parents about Smart Moves®. We can provide you with a letter and infographic via email when you order the programme to share with them. You may like to discuss with your pupils how they would like to share what they have learnt with their families. Smart Moves® is not designed to be delivered by parents, but we welcome their support as their child develops new skills on this teacher-led programme.

Please visit for more information.

What others say about Smart Moves®

“Thank you – this is a great offer to our children.”

Deputy Head and Inclusion Lead

“This is such a valuable resource for our Year 6 children, and I am so grateful that you continue to offer this transition support at no cost. It makes a massive difference in the children’s preparedness to moving on.”

Surrey Primary School teacher

“We have ordered Smart Moves books for our current Year 6 cohort moving on to secondary school – we love them and thank you for providing such a great resource.”

Primary Headteacher

“We find them invaluable.”

Year 7 Secondary School tutor

“Thank you so much for this resource. These books have always proved to be an instrumental part of the transition support we provide to our Year 6 children.”

Primary Home School Partner

“Without a doubt your resources are the best I’ve ever used with SEMH children to support transition.”


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