Eikon Charity Wins National Award!

In 2014 we were honored with a Centre for Social Justice Award. Eikon were the 2014 Award Winner in the CSJ’s “Early Intervention” category. This award marks the first time in our 20 year history that we have been recognised on a national scale for the transformational work that we deliver to vulnerable young people throughout Surrey.

The Centre for Social Justice is an independent think tank founded 2004 by the Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP. The fundamental hope of the CSJ is that every person, family and community in the UK is given every possibility to achieve their full potential. The CSJ is comprised of individuals with both policy-making and poverty-fighting experience and has formed an alliance with over 320 charities across the UK. This Alliance acts as a bridge between Parliament and the UK’s most deprived communities; the Eikon Charity has been a part of this Alliance since 2013.

The CSJ was awarded Prospect Magazine’s “Think Tank of the Year” in 2013, “Joint Think Tank of the Year” in 2009 and in 2008 was awarded “Best Publication of the Year” for its piece entitled, ‘Breakthrough Britain – ending the costs of social breakdown’.

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The annual CSJ Awards Programme recognises charities, small voluntary groups and local projects that display innovation and effectiveness in addressing the root causes of poverty, turning lives around and reversing social breakdown. The 2014 awards ceremony took place in Westminster on Thursday evening, October 23rd. In attendance were over 400 politicians, members of the media and many leading figures from throughout the voluntary sector.

The Eikon Charity was one of six charities to be recognised with a £10,000 cash award at the awards ceremony and was the award winner in the “Early Intervention” category. There were over 250 applicants for the awards this year. The award, presented by Rt Hon Nicky Morgan, was given to Eikon in recognition of the variety of innovative ways that we work with young people throughout Surrey, such as 1:1 mentoring in schools, youth centre work, mobile outreach, extensive school programmes, group work, youth development board opportunities and organised summer trips. The demand for our services is huge and growing. Last year we worked with over 3,000 young people from all corners of Surrey.

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Our CEO, Chris Hickford, says…


“We are delighted and very grateful to the Centre of Social Justice for this award. It recognises the transformational work that we do with young people and underpins the immense dedication of all our Eikon staff and army of volunteers. I thank them all”.

We are immensely proud to have received this award and wish to thank the CSJ for their formal recognition of the work that we do with young people throughout Surrey.

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CSJ Awards ceremony
CSJ Awards ceremony
CSJ Awards cermony