Supporting Students with EikOnline

The last 10 months have been extremely challenging for teachers and students alike.  The recent announcement of another national lockdown has shown that we still have far to go before we see any sense of normality.

Some young people have struggled to adapt to the changes imposed on their everyday lives by the coronavirus pandemic.  Long spells confined to their homes, living rooms doubling up as classrooms and playgrounds, no physical interaction with their peers; it’s no wonder that 80% of respondents in a survey carried out by Young Minds (July 2020) said the pandemic had made their mental health worse.  The long nights, reduced daylight and colder weather that comes with winter will only make things harder.

This is why youth club services such as EikOnline – The Eikon Charity’s virtual youth club – are needed. More than just a place to hang out, there are many benefits to joining a youth club.

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Virtual youth clubs

So what are the benefits? 


  • Increased wellbeing : by having an outlet to express their emotions and getting the support needed to manage their concerns, young people will become less anxious.  This prevents them from becoming disengaged from the environments they used to frequent (including school), promotes better sleep and allows them to concentrate on school work
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem: our youth workers have put together an extensive schedule that promotes traits such as confidence, self-love and self-awareness. It also sets them up to be resilient should any further restrictions be imposed
  • Sparks creativity and introduces new interests: the weekly Instagram challenges and creative workshops will inspire young people and may widen their interests with the introduction of new hobbies
  • Provides a safe space online: while there are concerns about the amount of screen time young people are now faced with, alongside the general dangers of social media, EikOnline have put measures in place to provide a safe, secure and engaging age-appropriate experience
  • Supports parents: by providing a modern, innovative, youth-centred provision, parents are provided with a suitable and sustainable activity to engage their children.  Drop- in parent hubs are also coming soon as a part of our offer to ensure a holistic, reflective service

So if you’d like to see the young people you work with bask in the benefits mentioned above, tell them about EikOnline! Signing up is easy:

  1. Download and complete the consent form
  1. Return it to
  1. Wait for the link to the session then join at the scheduled time.

All updates, including our weekly schedule, can be found on our website or Instagram and Facebook pages.